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Myth: Children's Intellectual Abilities Are Independent of Their Ability to Give and Receive Love.


The affairs of the heart are directly connected to the brain and it's the heart's natural intelligence that must be unfolded for the brain to operate with greater efficiency. —Joseph Chilton Pearce

The mind represents only a portion of available human intelligence. Intuition is from an additional form of intelligence that is introduced through the heart frequencies of love, compassion, appreciation, etc. This intuitive heart intelligence amplifies creativity, problem solving, and accurate choices, and develops to the degree that conscious effort is made to develop it.

The higher perceptual faculties in the brain perform better when the electrical rhythms produced by the heart are balanced and harmonious--coherent heart rate variability (HRV). Positive feelings of love, care, appreciation, and compassion create balanced and harmonious heart rhythms. Balancing head and heart, we can develop wisdom and integrity in the choices we make and in our communications. By consciously loving, we harmonize the foundational heart energy in ourselves and in our families. Our sensitivity increases, communication grows clearer, and understanding develops. Sudden shifts in perception can bring options and new solutions into focus.

On the other hand, stress reduces intelligence and perspective, making it harder to deal with the existing challenges and problems. This is a matter of immediate concern as nationwide, millions of children each year are emotionally and physically abused and neglected. Surveys reveal that from the inner city to affluent neighborhoods, children's major source of stress is violence. Physical violence is only one cause. Emotional blackmail, not talking to a spouse or child for weeks out of anger, a stony silence at dinner each night, banging dishes to show unhappiness--can cause tremendous stress. Children who witness family violence often become non-verbal, depressed, or lethargic. They have terrible nightmares, injure themselves, and become desensitized to low-level violence. Over 80% of our nation's youngsters expect problems to go from bad to worse. A 1989 Harris poll revealed that nearly 90% of all adults in the US say they experience high levels of stress. Seven of the ten top selling prescription drugs in the US are for stress-related complaints. Without skills to address stress, the constant accumulation of little stresses builds into chronic stress, an epidemic of modern society that has reached crisis proportions.

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