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What Is Your Foreskin IQ?

Circle the correct letter and find out how much you know about the male foreskin:

(Note: Until automatic scoring is instituted, write your answers on a separate sheet, print out this page, or download the pdf version)

1. The surface area of a normal adult foreskin is:

a. 2 square inches (13 cm2)—about the size of a silver dollar.
b. 5 square inches (32 cm2)—about the size of a matchbook cover.
c. 10 square inches (64 cm2)—about the size of a common Post-it note.
d. 15 square inches (95 cm2)—about the size of an index card.

2. The most sensitive portion of the penis is the:

a. glans.
b. corpus dictum.
c. C-spot.
d. frenulum/ridged band.
e. foreskin “lips” (distal prepuce).

3. The foreskin serves to:

a. provide sexual pleasure.
b. provide the skin necessary to accommodate a full erection.
c. cover and protect the urinary opening.
d. none of the above
e. a, b, and c

4. The average age when a boy’s foreskin is fully retractable is:

a. birth.
b. 6 months.
c. 1 year.
d. 5 years.
e. 10 years.

5. Circumcision became popular in the early part of the last century to prevent:

a. masturbation.
b. epilepsy.
c. insanity.
d. paralysis.
e. all of the above

6. Circumcision has been proven to cost-effectively prevent:

a. cervical cancer.
b. penile cancer.
c. bladder infection.
e. all of the above
f. none of the above

7. A circumcised penis is, on average,:

a. the same length as an intact penis.
b. longer than an intact penis by 1/3" (8 mm).
c. shorter than an intact penis by 1/3" (8 mm).

8. Infant circumcision is:

a. medically recommended.
b. safe and painless.
c. proven to protect against many medical conditions.
d. all of the above
e. none of the above

9. Circumcised men have:

a. the same sexual sensitivity as intact men.
b. 25% greater sexual sensitivity than intact men.
c. 75% less sexual sensitivity than intact men.


10. Match the percentage of boys being circumcised at birth with their country:

___ about 60%
___ about 10%
___ about 1%
a. Britain
b. United States
c. Canada

11. The number of US adolescent boys mistaken about, or not knowing, their circumcision status is:

a. none.
b. 10%.
c. 20%.
d. 30%.

12. Jewish ritual circumcision (bris or brit milah):

a. is mandated by Genesis 17, with the procedure remaining unchanged to the present time.
b. is required to establish a male’s Jewish identity.
c. when substituted with a hospital surgical circumcision, meets the requirements of Jewish law.
d. all of the above
e. none of the above

Answers and scoring instructions on next page:


____ (total points) x 10 = ______ Foreskin IQ (0-150)

Compute your Foreskin IQ

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