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Premises and Objectives


  • The culture in which we live plays a major role in shaping our beliefs and behaviors.
  • Our perceptions of the innate nature of the pre-born, infant and child are a crucial factor in determining the manner with which we care for our children
  • Humankind in general, and infants/children in particular, are innately good, social, and cooperative beings
  • Nature has designed mother and baby so that their needs are complementary--hers to cuddle, nurse, and nurture her child, the child to be cuddled, fed, and nurtured
  • The infants needs are best met when one person--preferably mother or father--serves as primary caregiver  at least during the child's preverbal years
  • Our children are growing up in challenging times, and need support in developing resilience, and peacemaking and problem-solving skills
  • The key to a healthy and creative parent-child relationship is our trust in the essential goodness of the infant/child, and in the complementary nature of their needs. Sourced from the spirit of the child, and supported by their larger community, this relationship is the wellspring for a wellbeing and a well planet.
  • The children are our future.

Our objectives are to:

  • reveal and dispel many of the myths about preborn, infants and children that perpetuate the aberrant behaviors that are destroying our planet.
  • promote care of the infant/child as a whole being - body, mind, and spirit
  • promote awareness of the conceiving, birthing, and tending of children as a deep privilege, a significant contribution to the wellbeing of the planet,
  • spark awareness of the immanent worth of each child, and the power of a single person to impact the well being of our world
  • raise the consciousness of and status of parenting so that the value of their presence in the lives of their children is fully appreciated
  • recognize that investing time and care in a young child provides a return of many times the principle as the child reaches adolescent and adulthood.
  • introduce and support evidence-based practices that facilitate healthy attachment between child and parent. These range from nurturing the unborn child as an aware and sensitive individual to providing a gentle, natural (intervention free) birth and providing authoritative (as contrasted with authoritarian or permissive) parenting, and supporting a child�s innate love of learning.
  • support children and parents in thriving, and having fun together.

These objectives are met by dispelling a series of myths about the preborn, infants, and children.

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Premises and Objectives
The culture in which we live plays a major role in shaping our beliefs and behaviors. more...
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